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If you live or were born in New York City, the slogan “I Love NY” means a lot to you. Here at BENY Brands, we understand that.

New York City has been my home since 1990, but the idea for a clothing brand began when my family and I moved to Florida for three years. When the time came to move back to New York City, my employer in Florida tried to convince me to stay, but I told him that I loved living in New York too much. My boss commented that even my last name, which is an abbreviation of my mother’s last name of Benyaminov, says BE NY. He suggested that I should start a clothing brand based on my last name and, with that, BENY was born.

In 2011, we registered our first trademark, BENY Brothers. The brand was named for my two sons, Jonathan and Solomon, who were both born in New York City.

Our idea was to create a new and fresh clothing line with a limited number of shirts in particular designs. To protect our brand, we gave each shirt a serial number and allow customers to register their shirts on our website, with options to add their pictures and social media accounts.

To reach a wider audience, BENY Brands expanded with the brand “I Was In NY.” Juggling two brands at the same time was a challenge, so my webmaster friend suggested combining the brands with other domain names we had already registered. We then brought BrooklynBrooklyn.com, BrooklynStyle.com, BrooklynDragon.com, NewYorkBum.com, NYBum.com, and SexyNY.com under the umbrella of BENY Brands or BENY.nyc.

As BENY Brands has grown, our focus on New York has remained the same. Since 2011, we’ve been proud to offer shirts and designs reflecting our love for the city. Whether you’ve lived in New York your whole life or just visited for a weekend, we hope you’ll join in with the BE a part of NY spirit.

Our first tshirts were sold only to friends and family. "New York Bum" and "I Was In NY" designs you can see below. Due to "I was In NY" was striking similairty to "I LOVE NY" signature trademark so they hit BENY Brands with ‘cease & desist’ order demanding that the collection be removed from the store. Now you will not find those pieces anywhere.

With "New York Bum" first batch of tshirts did come out with orange color instead of New York City brick color. In the future you may see brick color "New York Bum" tshirts.

Designs below will not be available again.

Original "I Was In NY" Design (Will not be available anymore due to ‘cease & desist’ order demanding that the collection be removed from the store.) (2011)

I Was In NY - Original - BENY Brands

"New York Bum" Design will not be available anymore in the same color and with domain name listed on tshirt. (2011)

New York Bum - Original - BENY Brands

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